Its inside all of us.

What I do, is surface it for you, with you.

Marc's Personal Message

Hello, I’m Marc 

My management-advisory, relation, and coaching strategies transform your thinking response time, initiates your conversation dialogue, and unifies the relationships most important to you.

Redefining your mental, emotional & physical capabilities to think, converse, and relate to others unlike before.

Further, complimented by my various essentials that contribute to a focused mindset and show up performance power to benefit your inner and outer way of being.

Capable of creating, reinventing, or innovating your lifestyle, lovelife, and worklife presence, and affairs with greater ease.

In business and life, I’ve successfully developed people, relationships & life skills, since my teens. First, my life, the relationship with myself, then the bonds I hold with others.

I maintain honest, committed-polyamorous relationships that are loving, valued, and drama-free throughout my life. Were the women share as sisters, lovers, or close friends.

And many healthy life-long family and friendships, satisfied clients, and reliable contacts spanning 3+ decades.

Acquiring, then preserving these ties utilizing my signature strategies, essentials, disciplines & techniques.

In closing, to have a life of abundance, I’d say solid relationships should be at your efforts core foundation work. 

Do the work of finding yourself; then others will surely find you too.

Always in Service,
Marc Todd Harris | Relationship Whisper


Marc Todd Harris

Strategist, Coach & Instructor

Empower Management Services.

As a Strategist and Coach, in this blended leadership position, Harris’s contributions to his client’s span from managing shadow partner to supportive visionary coach. Possessing over two decades of professional experience, he has developed intuitive listening and strong communication skills that come alive when he supports his client’s.

He strives to meet and exceed each client’s expectations through his inspiring insight, strategic direction, and unique coaching style. He brings his innovative ways to guide his client’s in empowering themselves in many different aspects of their lifestyle, love-life, professional careers, and business endeavors.

Furthermore, he is affluent working within clients lives from highly competitive industry sectors such as executives and business owners to the entertainment, fashion, sport’s and media professionals and their teams.


Harris’s education range spans from his three decades of work-life experiences infused with his innate self-concepts and autodidactism studies in Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Human Development, and Business Administration.

Combined with International Coach Academy’s Certified Professional Coaching (CPC) Program, followed by his years as a Student of life, and a Participant, Facilitator and Coach with Pathways Institute, a Mystery School, thriving in Personal Mastery with his focus on the aware minds ability to change.

He is staying true to his continuing life long education path and career, gifted in his vocation to the analysis of the developing and re-programming of human pattern and behaviors similarities in people from various cultures, customs and beliefs.

Educated in part by

Toast Masters


Life Experience

Cambridge College

International Coaching Academy

Mildred Elley School


My Life’s Purpose on this Earth and what connects me to Mankind in itself.

Is my desire to be a great inspiration, teacher and leader by use of my voice, life experiences and life practices to as many people as possible that can hear my voice, read my words or see my actions.

To assist them in creating a life of direction filled with love, acceptance, meaning, purpose, peace and prosperity. 

Especially for those people being oppressed or discriminated against simply because of the color of their skin, resource options, educational background, income level, origin of birth, housing situation, language spoken, chosen lifestyle lived or sexual preferences.

Student of Life
Marc Todd Harris


My Daily Practice: I’m developing the skills to be an avid listener, clear and concise speaker, with the ability to speak from my heart at will naturally while being a source of inspiration.


My experience range is life-long with a focus on millennials and genXer’s perception, awareness & change cycles, relating to their mental, emotional & physical capabilities.

Working with a client I utilize my studied and applied human pattern & behavior processes from onset to outcome– until a proven intellect and or physical change action can be identified then implemented to effect a persons way of being in life. 

That creates a productive outcome change to their way of thinking, conversing, and relating to others– allowing them room for a new way of showing up congruent to their desired self-likeness regardless of their current circumstance, situation, and or disposition.

Work-Life Experience;

  • Psychology
  • Life Coaching
  • Critical Thinking
  • Life Management
  • Personal Mastery
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Administration
  • Instructing & Facilitation
  • Communication & Relations
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Human Pattern & Behavior Analysis

Utilizing a strong knowledge base foundation from in-depth studies in,

  • Culture, Customs & Beliefs
  • Religion, War & World History
  • U.S Government Policies & Procedures
  • Civil, Probate, Corporate, Maritime Laws


I am intent in being your shadowing supporting partner

  • Keeping you on track diligently to achieving your objectives and goals.
  • Maintaining the bond of saying in service to you through out your journey.
  • Keep a safe, supported-unbiased space that reflects your perceived honor.


  • Speaking meaning to your truths even when it’s uncomfortable for you to hear.
  • Sharing in your commitment to your personal or professional vision as our own.
  • Holding you in accountable, humble and presently aware to your ethics and values.

*Then together we will sit back, cheer and celebrate your achieved objective success!


M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions support the further identifying, strengthening, and development of various skill sets. Ranging from life, accountability, interpersonal, intrapersonal, communication, listening, trust, belief, working together, supporting, leadership, time management, organizational, problem solving, social, network and critical thinking skills,

through life experiences, practices, strategies, techniques and disciplines, your particular skillset is further developed and defined. Simultaneously; with these being newly applied, allows the allocating of your focus on those skills being best utilized to assist you in what you do daily. Thus, contributing to achieving the skillset foundation you require to have the type of lifestyle, love-life, career, and or business endeavors you desire.




60Minute | 90Minute | 2+Hour | 4+Hour | 6+Hour

Think . Converse . Relate