its been a journey.

It started without notice

Some things just need to happen, in all of us

The birth of career goals usually flourishes in different ways; for Harris, it was his desire as a teen to bring balance to his own life. Maneuvering, in his balance, got him started on the road to what he calls an empowered life. Living with purpose and centered on contributing something back to the world for the life he is living.

Harris endured the struggles of growing up bi-racial and eventually to a broken home leaving behind a formal education path he used his own applied efforts in self-learning, failures, and successes to map out his higher education plan and life’s direction.

A further benefit, Harris applied his innate and developing abilities to his daily life’s management while using music as an escape to his life’s struggles.

Harris yearned for a behind the scenes career in entertainment & sports management where he could utilize his natural gift of gab, influencing relationships, and managerial skills.

So he began creating opportunities for those around him who were creative, artistic, athletic, and or intellectually gifted. He was providing them personal development, business management, promotions, and securing project bookings at club-shows, and venues.

Then years later, on December 21, 1999, he founded and formed Empower Management Services and also became a partner & co-owner of CanILiv Entertainment, an entertainment promotion & marketing company.

Together, his partners, and team, were successfully facilitating the management and promotion of six clubs simultaneously. Completing and or contributing to multiple shows while also achieving their very own arena concert– titled; Dance Hall Hip Hop Explosion. This concert alone featured 13 independent and signed Reggae and Rap Artists combined. Being the first blended Genre concert of Reggae and Hip Hop performers of its kind then and now.

A couple of years after this, the partners of CanILiv Entertainment mutually took on different ventures from promoting and marketing.

At this time, Harris reflected on his last five years working with novice, and seasoned talent, to identify that there was a real need for overall talent development that was no longer being taken care of by major label deals.

Coming into early March 2005, he decided to only focus on operating within his company and no longer maintain a secondary source of employment income from working inside another company as an employee. This move was scary, letting go of a guaranteed income to then only depend on himself and Empower Management Services 100%, but it paid off for him.

Here he began shifting his focus from entertainment management to personal and professional development of talent from various industries. He empowers them with skillsets for lifestyle, love-life, professional career, and business affairs. Skillsets that allow for mental clarity to flow and to produce physical power to show up and perform in full capacity in the areas of their business and life more successfully.

In doing this work, he eventually began to see that fear was at the root of the challenges and struggles that most face striving to achieve our personal best self daily. Here is where Harris, identified various consistencies in personality pattern and behavior processes in himself and others that seeded the roots for the foundation to his core personal mastery work.

He has worked over three decades, holding several titles from various fields. Harris’s gained and applied experiences have assisted him in the development of his signature management, advisory, relation, and coaching (M.A.R.C) strategic skillsets. Utilized with reinforced critical thinking, clarifying communication, and unifying relationship techniques, further honed through consistent practices, principles, protocols, and procedure disciplines that create change, disburse potential, and affect one’s growth positively.

He feels his life has to matter that he has lived, and the proof that it mattered would be in making a difference for the better in the presence and affairs of others.

Always staying insightful and further inspired to connect to his inner-portal sort of speak from where he can be of most service to himself, family, friends, & clients in the world. Using this as a way of giving back a contribution to this earth while he is here that can also continue giving future generations benefits of direction and understanding long after he is gone.

Harris believes strongly in a cooperative effort to achieve these goals. He has drawn the knowledge obtained from varied research, sources, professionals and hard-knock life teachers, with his own. To refine what is his contribution back to the world for the life he is living, his ability to instruct others in a way that inspires them to empower their selves in the various aspects of their personal and professional endeavors.

He continues to apply this learning process to his own life and to any ear that will hear as he walks inspired onward to a life journey in equipping and uniting others in empowering them-selves to obtain a genuinely complete empowered life.

He currently celebrated Empower Management Services 20th anniversary, December 21st, 2020 and its 15th-year of independence on March 7th, 2020. Harris, makes a living as a retained and fee based business manager, strategist, coach, and instructor, for executives, and their teams from various industry sectors.




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