Hello, I'm Marc Todd Harris

Strategist, Coach & Instructor.

I Equip Presence & Unite Affairs of Influencing Millennials, Power GenXer’s & Teams. 

Master, every relationship area in your life with pinpoint critical thinkingclarifying communication & unifying relationship skillsets. So you can thinkconverse, and relate to others unlike before, making all your mentalemotional & physical capabilities a reality.

Miami’s Premier Source for Human Skillset Development. 

Empowering Clients throughout Southern Florida, across the Country, around the World.

Your Best Self Begins Here

Think . Converse . Relate

To our valued clientsAs the situation surrounding Covid-19 continues to evolve, we want to assure you that we’re still here to support your family and business needs. By offering strategic solution options for those that are feeling the effects of being alone together, and for business owners & teams preparing to re-open. Thank you to every essential worker for your part. Our hearts go out to all who have suffered loss and been affected by this pandemic outbreak.


 Lifestyle Strategist & Relationship Coach | Mindset Strategist & Performance Coach



Strategy; Instructional services are a combination of interchangeable disciplines of management-advisory, relation, and coaching strategies infused with technique skillsets, delivered via strategy sessions, and work-shop themed classes. Essentials to achieve making all our discussed outcomes that you want to see in your lifestylelovelife & worklife, actualities.

A Modern Engagement Service


My Presence | Affairs M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions are tailored specifically for your Lifestyle, Lovelife & Worklife outcome objectives,

to equip the presence & unite the affairs of movers and shakers in public-profile industry sectors of

  • Entertainment & Arts
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Media & Broadcasting


“He is very Passionate and Believes there is Potential for Greatness in Everyone and he wants to bring it out.”

Christian D. Methuen, MA

Session Formats

A Human-Centered Approach honed for

Lifestyle & Relationship | Mindset & Performance

60Minute | 90Minute | 2+Hour| 4+Hour | 6+Hour

They are conducted via live non-scripted phone calls, face-to-face, remotely, and workshop themed classes.

The mind is an amazing thing explored

I’ve noticed, most people don’t need helpthey need clear instructions at times for directional success in their ability to show up and connect with others in real life.

  • Definition to instruct: teach (someone) a subject or skill. Inform (someone) of a fact or situation, give a person direction, information, or authorization.

I do that; instruct outcome-orientated people with new skills to think, converse & relate to others unlike before– maximizing their potential to obtain their desired outcome. 

  • Harris’s ideal client; is an influencing millennial, power genXer, or team looking to create, reinvent or innovate their presence, and affairs for greater success through newly acquired strategic critical thinking, communication & relationship skillsets.

Strategy Session Blocks; start with a 1-Hour Complimentary Exploratory Session













“Marc’s services are more than just coaching or guidance; they are tools you can use to reshape your entire life.”

Shay H. Lowell, MA


4p's Call-To-Action Plan

Sessions wrap-up, with a 4 step execution framework. PRACTICES to repeat in-line to your PRINCIPLES with clear PROTOCOLS and detailed PROCEDURES.

“Marc is perceptive and quick – he can analyze where you’re not reaching your fullest potential upon getting to know you and he will tell you, straight up.”

Amanda Z. Astoria, NY

M.A.R.C Industry sectors.

It's your time to shine.

Areas of specialty. Industries I’ve influenced impact.













M.A.R.C Industry, sectors are my areas of specialty where you will begin forging your pinpoint critical thinking, clarifying communication & unifying relationship skillsets, those that allow you to secure more contacts-connections & project bookings. 

While further honing your power-producing ability to show up and put out in performing and perfecting your craft in your chosen field.

Allowing you to work-live, love & play at your very best!

Entertainment & Arts

Command artistic flow through significance.

Calling hit-makers, and chart-toppers, seen as stars for their talent and project booking, outselling their last gigs stats, manifesting star power.

I position, chart-climbing talent to create artistic flow and show-stopping performances that signifies a celebrity mover & shaker.​

Captivating, in singing, producing and composing, ready to solidify demand for higher performance bookings, and downloads. ​ ​

Rise to beat top record sales that define Iconic Legendary careers.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions taking you to even higher-highs!

                                                                                                 CREATE . REINVENT . INNOVATE

Create the impact that you imagine!
Reinvent the old with what is new!

Fashion & Beauty

Approach creative style through innovation.

Targeting imaginative, and fashion trendsetters posed to deliver a body of work to new markets that secure positioning as an unforgettable Fashionista.

I expose, trending creative souls to put out breathtaking works of art, commanding attention while leaving all coming back for more. ​

Demonstrating, in peak highs, and flourish in designing, showcasing & walking—driving demand for more project bookings and brand reach.

Elevate styles to that celebratory high defining Iconic Grand careers.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions inspiring the creative side in you!

                                                                                                 CREATE . REINVENT . INNOVATE

Sports & Fitness

Harness competitive energy through perseverance.

Drafting scouted players, and titan athletes, destined to surpass opponents, putting up game stopping plays that produce memorable record seasons.​

I elevate, fascinating athletics, and sports fiends competitive for an edge, fit to be the world's best ahead in division leagues.​ ​

Passing, in-season performing wins with crucial game points and plays that captivate the demand of an elite conditioned athlete. ​

Lead runs and playtime that define Iconic Hall of Fame careers. ​

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions sitting your competition on the bench.

                                                                                                 CREATE . REINVENT . INNOVATE

Innovate your methodology like no other!
Give them something to talk about, YOU!

Media & Broadcasting

Acquire brand markets through captivation.

Following, personalities, and brand ambassadors, posting to target the results, congruent to the client sales needs and consumer's expectations. ​

I shift, content creators to compose pivotal material for on-the-spot viral campaigns that instantly capture, turn & close viewers. ​

Generating reviews that bost newsworthy pieces with spot-on buzz copy. Sustaining demand for hire, followers, and likes. ​

Post robust new content that define Iconic Celebrity careers.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions driving your content creations flow!

                                                                                                 CREATE . REINVENT . INNOVATE

Please Note: “Your Coaching Fees May Be Tax Deductible” Expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills may be tax-deductible (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5. Coughlin VS Commissioner, 203F 2d 307). Please consult your tax advisor.

Mindset & Performance.

Unleashing producing power.

Some of the ways we can get there.














Identify & Define

Newcomers & Freelancers

Go from feeling inadequate to feel capable or from self-doubting to being confident and assured.

Starting out in life, making a new move, or even a mid-life transition is not always easy when you’re facing unfamiliar territory. It’s time to identify, strengthen, and develop your innate and honed way of being, so that you can step into whats there for you with ease. Feeling fully capable, confident, and assured, that you can show up, put out, and perform.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions stepping you into being ready, willing, and able.

One: (60-Min) $199.00 | Three: (60-Min) $499.00 | Five: (60-Min) $799.00



Alliances & Networking

Colleagues & Associates

Go from not asking to persuading easily or from doing it all alone to being supported by peers.

Many professionals take on the mindset of competing with others rather than cooperating with varied-minds. Thinking that there is not enough room for each to prosper in a particular industry. Not realizing that strength is in numbers even in business. Remember, those that have achieved a successful career have done so by utilizing alliances, and strong ties.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions initiating relations that transcend prior limitations.

One: (90-Min) $299.00 | Three: (90-Min) $699.00 | Five: (90-Min) $1199.00


Professional Career


Career & Entrepreneurial

Professionals & Managers

Go from working a day job to your dream career or take your career from being stagnant to striving.

How often do you find your self getting caught up in living for work, bills and the need to exist or sustain, instead of working for living a life with balance, security and the respect of your family, friends, and peers? While having a great career experience with a steady mindset, that allows you to flourish your performance powers in all aspects of your field.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions sustaining career purpose utilizing your innate skills.

One: (2+Hour) $399.00 | Three: (2+Hour) $999.00 | Five: (2+Hour) $1699.00



Leaders & Groups

Owners & Executives

Go from unorganized to a unified force or from moving as one in a group to leading a pack in sync.

Growing an organization's people, we often think of a vision first then immediately apply it for all to love. However, what happens often is the people as a whole are not individually invested in that vision as you are; imagine sharing a concept in a way that it inspires others to embrace it as their own, each taking part in its flourishing sustainability.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions leading your organization's team effortlessly unified.

One: (4+Hour) $499.00 | Three: (4+Hour) $1299.00 | Five: (4+Hour) $1999.00


Special Projects

Endless possibilities

Group, and Special Project Strategy-Session segments are for 3 to 6 participants, and or team members, inquire within on groups of larger sizes.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions creating change you want to see in business and life.

One: (6+Hour) $599.00 | Three: (6+Hour) $1599.00 | Five: (6+Hour) $2499.00


Please Note: “Your Coaching Fees May Be Tax Deductible” Expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills may be tax-deductible (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5. Coughlin VS Commissioner, 203F 2d 307). Please consult your tax advisor.

M.A.R.C Essentials.

Lifestyle, Lovelife & Worklife.

Areas of interest. Cores to build on.













M.A.R.C Essentials, share in forging your pin-point critical thinking, clarifying communication & unifying relationship skillsets, with each essential area having a focus in one of the three elements at its core. My Bonus M.A.R.C Money Essentials utilizes all three aspects with self-worth at its core.

Allowing you to work-live, love & play at your very best!

Mindset Essentials

for Modern Mental & Endurance Performance Dynamics.

Unleashing, the Producing Power of Influencing Millennials, Power GenXer's & Teams.

Focus in Pin-Point Critical Thinking

Go from, self-discovery, to change stages exploring the social, emotional, physical, language & cognitive awareness processes, that open the mind to adapt, develop, and grow.

To resolve your mental challenge blocks, freeing yourself to be capable of overcoming to compete and or produce as a competent leader.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions honing your mental, emotional & physical capabilities.

                                                                                                 CREATE . REINVENT . INNOVATE

Outperform with a focused mind effortlessly!
Converse in a way that's engaging!

Communication Essentials

for Modern Socializing & Networking IRL Dynamics.

Creating, the Conversation Dialogue of Reserved Individuals, Friends, Family & Peers.

Focus in Clarifying Communications

Listen, is often overlooked as a critical factor in having excellent communication skills, especially when you are the one talking in conversations. Begin to listen to hear first, then...

Speak from the heart, capturing their attention, contributing value that grows the exchange organically from a surface thought to a more in-depth conversation.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions initiating substance creating unlimited possibilities.

                                                                                                 CREATE . REINVENT . INNOVATE

Relationship Essentials

for Modern Monogamy & Polyamory Lifestyle Dynamics.

Fortifying, the Varied Interest of Singles, Couples, Triads, Quads & Pods.

Focus in Unifying Relationships

Resolve dilemmas, so to act versus reacting, reason instead of debating, letting go of right over wrong for appropriate and inappropriate individual perspectives.

Taking in each other's personal experience impacts in love & life. So now each person can be seen-heard & matter in conversation, and relationship effortlessly.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions uniting life interest to love, and lifestyle agreeance.

                                                                                                 CREATE . REINVENT . INNOVATE

Relate to those who matter most!
Self-worth, without it, nothing matters!

Money Essentials

for Modern Six & Seven Figure-Earning Dynamics.

Building, the Structural Foundation for Generational Wealth for Thousandaires, Millionaires & Brands.

Focus in Self-Worth

Often, maintaining, and accumulating money teeters on how we see ourselves, and how we perceive others are seeing us, even our relationship to cash and spending.

Start to build on your mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual components to go from overspending to investing or from looking the part to being it, secure.

M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions taking you from debtor survival to creditor revival.

                                                                                                 CREATE . REINVENT . INNOVATE

Please Note: “Your Coaching Fees May Be Tax Deductible” Expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills may be tax-deductible (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5. Coughlin VS Commissioner, 203F 2d 307). Please consult your tax advisor.

M.A.R.C Classes.

Time to surface something different.

A setting where real change can take place, with the use of M.AR.C.

Class Sessions are powered by M.A.R.C Human Development Strategy Services, and are about exploring to further develop your pin-point critical thinking, clarifying communication & unifying relationship skillsets. In a live-class environment with a group of diverse experienced peers each participating on a like quest to having a more centered, prosperous and productive filled lifestyle, lovelife & worklife experience.


This is a 90+Minute introduction party hosted by you, at your HOME.

a FREE in home live 90+minutes / Host receives four free sessions. Introduction to coaching strategies and techniques. To be CELEBRATED with friends, family members and peers. Who you IMAGINE is seeking to make positive changes in areas of their lifestyle, lovelife & worklife.

90+Minutes / Host receives 4 Sessions –$FREE


Anyone wanting to bring out their maximum potential & very best self.

Is for anyone having a self-prevailing desire to achieve his or her ultimate personal best CAREER growths, LIFE balances and overall RELATIONSHIPS happiness. Through personal growth and development with management, advisory, relation, and coaching strategies.

Ind. Mini-Class $399.00 | Ind. Extended Class $599.00


Be seen heard & matter in conversation and relationship effortlessly.

Is a singles, and couples relationship-builder designed to SPARK the fire to bring a love into your life, Swiftly REIGNITE the flames burning out of love or gather the FLICKER of strength needed to let a burnt love go.

Cpls. Mini-Class $699.00 | Cpls. Extended Class $999.00


Each on a quest to a more center, prosperous & productive filled life.

is a PLATFORM to be utilized by any groups of (6) or more FRIENDS, and Family members, and or MANAGEMENT, and their TEAMS seeking to RESOLVE issues, and problems while CREATING structure, and boundaries.

Ind. Mini-Class $399.00 | Ind. Extended Class $599.00


Be that swift leader with a unified team that is focused to achieve.

Is for THRIVING career professionals, TALENTED executive, mid-management or TOP teams and staff LEADERS. Those wanting to thrive with newly acquired innovative ideas and concepts to implement via a more unified work force.

  • One: (4+Hr) strategy-session with (3) to (6) participants for $399.00
  • Three: (4+Hr) strategy-sessions with (3) to (6) participants for $999.00 
  • Five: (4+Hr) strategy-sessions with (3) to (6) participants for $1699.00


We all have at least one book in us or maybe even a series.

Is a DREAMERS place for the unfound writer in you to have your own ESTABLISHED core area of focus and expertise. Crossing into a built NETWORK of other professionals within hands reach. Gaining a MULTITUDE of resources and leads newly aware to you to create multiple lines of residual income.

Ind. Participant $699.00 | Cpl. Participants $1199.00


Spotlight pro’s one-stop contact-connection & project booking source

Is for the novice, and seasoned millennial, genXer and their teams from within various areas of entertainment & arts, fashion & beauty, sports & fitness as well as media & broadcasting. Coming together to build the skillsets required in developing industry insider contacts-connections and projecting bookings needed to achieve overall career success.

Coming soon to an area near you.


Millennials, genXer’s, and groups social & network mixer platform.

Coming soon to an area near you.


Pop up live group and team workshop themed classes on the GO.

Classes on the go are initiated by your request in your chosen city location, inquire within. 

Class on the go fee’s, specific location, time and type vary upon size and duration.


I am intent in being your shadowing supporting partner.

  • Keeping you on-track diligently to achieving your current objectives and goals.
  • Maintaining the bond of being in service to you through out the road to your journey.
  • Holding you in a safe-supported unbiased space that maintains your self perceived honor.


  • Speaking open and honest meaning to your truths even when it is uncomfortable for you to hear.
  • Sharing fully in your commitment to your personal and or professional vision as our own.
  • Reminding you in being knowingly accountable, humble and presently aware of you’re ethics and values.

*Then together we will sit back, cheer and celebrate your achieved objective success!



60Minute | 90Minute | 2+Hour | 4+Hour | 6+Hour

Think . Converse . Relate