M.A.R.C Classes.

Time to surface something different.

A setting where real change can take place, with the use of M.AR.C.

Class involvement further explores and develops your ability to think, converse & relate to others in a group setting. Lessons occur via a live face-to-face or video-chat environment with diverse individuals, each participating in a quest to have a more prosperous lifestyle, lovelife, or worklife relationship experience. Class enrollment happens from a personal desire, friend or family member, or a professional peer or employer enrollment conversation.

“Get started by getting on a complimentary enrollment introduction call with Marc.”

Learn how to spark that enrollment conversation with that somebody you want to be in a better relationship with today!


FREE 90+Min intro-party with Marc, hosted by you, at your HOME.

Live Introduction & Individual Demonstration with a PARTICIPANT to M.A.R.C Strategies & M.A.R.C Essentials. For a group of your friends & family members. Who you IMAGINE are seeking a RELATIONSHIP RESCUE in their lifestyle, lovelife or worklife affairs.

90+Minutes / Host receives 4 Sessions –$FREE


Anyone wanting to bring out their maximum potential & very best self.

It’s for ANYONE having a self-prevailing desire to achieve their ultimate personal best CAREER growths, LIFE balances, and RELATIONSHIP successes through personal growth & development with Management, Advisory, Relation & Coaching Strategies.

Ind. Mini-Class $399.00 | Ind. Extended Class $599.00


Be seen heard & matter in conversation and relationship effortlessly.

It’s a RELATIONSHIP BUILDER for a group of (6) or more COUPLES designed to VENTILATE the fire to light your love’s way, swiftly REIGNITE the flames burning out of a lover, or feed the SPARK of strength needed to let a BURNT love go.

Cpls. Mini-Class $699.00 | Cpls. Extended Class $999.00


Each on a quest to a more center, prosperous & productive filled life.

It’s a PLATFORM for a group of (6) or more FRIENDS & FAMILY or MANAGEMENT & TEAM members. Who are seeking to RESOLVE issues and problems in RELATIONSHIP while CREATING structured boundaries.

Ind. Mini-Class $399.00 | Ind. Extended Class $599.00


Be that swift leader with a unified team that is focused to achieve.

It’s for THRIVING career professionals, executives, mid-management teams, and or staff LEADERS. Who are looking to thrive with newly acquired IDEAS and CONCEPTS to implement via a more unified workforce.

  • One: (4+Hr) strategy-session with (3) to (6) participants for $399.00
  • Three: (4+Hr) strategy-sessions with (3) to (6) participants for $999.00 
  • Five: (4+Hr) strategy-sessions with (3) to (6) participants for $1699.00


We all have at least one book in us or maybe even a series.

It’s a DREAMERS place for the unfound writer in you to have a CORE area of focus & expertise–merging with a new NETWORK of professionals within reach. Gaining a MULTITUDE of resources and LEADS to create multiple lines of residual income.

Ind. Participant $699.00 | Cpl. Participants $1199.00


Spotlight pro’s one-stop contact-connection & project booking source

It’s for GenZ, Millennial & GenXer’s from VARIOUS Entertainment & Arts, Fashion & Beauty, Sports & Fitness, and Media & Broadcasting POSITIONS. Novice & Seasoned together building the skillsets required to develop industry insider CONTACTS, CONNECTIONS & PROJECT BOOKINGS.

Coming soon to an area near you.


GenZ, Millennials, & GenXer’s socializing & networking mixer platform.

Coming soon to an area near you.


Pop up live group and team workshop themed classes on the GO.

Classes on the go are initiated by your request in your chosen city location, inquire within. 

Class on the go fee’s, specific location, time and type vary upon size and duration.


I am intent in being your shadowing supporting partner.

  • Keeping you on-track diligently to achieving your current objectives and goals.
  • Maintaining the bond of being in service to you through out the road to your journey.
  • Holding you in a safe-supported unbiased space that maintains your self perceived honor.


  • Speaking open and honest meaning to your truths even when it is uncomfortable for you to hear.
  • Sharing fully in your commitment to your personal and or professional vision as our own.
  • Reminding you in being knowingly accountable, humble and presently aware of you’re ethics and values.

*Then together we will sit back, cheer and celebrate your achieved objective success!




60Minute | 90Minute | 2+Hour | 4+Hour | 6+Hour

Think . Converse . Relate