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The world is the true classroom. The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with your own eyes. – Jack Hanna

Groupclass is powered by M.A.R.C’s Strategies and is about exploring to further develop your personal, and or professional array of skillsets while being fully aware in a live-class environment with a group of diverse experienced peers, each participating on a like quest to having a more centered, prosperous and productive filled career, life, relationships and or business.

 In Groupclass, the initial new insights you will be drawing from. Are the ability to clearly identify and interrupt those dis-serving daily negative habits, and behaviors. While silencing that awful inner-critic voice, the voice that takes you away from being your underlining personal best.

Then by introducing new daily positive habits, and behaviors that are increasing the affirming volume to your heart-centered supportive voice.  A voice that is reaffirming you to the self you know you can be daily, while being fully supported from the group as a whole with your class coach and facilitator. Maintaining and keeping you accountable and open to it all while receiving constructive feedback, and suggestions from other participants who have been where you are and grown from it.

Then fittingly, adding your own contributing, and elaborating material by way of your personal innate nature, trained skills and natural talents. Doing so then adds to deepen your self-worth, confidence and esteem, along with your overall inner and outward disposition of knowing your own abilities even further. 

Leaving you invigorated with a more solid foundation to show up from for you to also begin sharing pieces of input from your life’s learned lessons, past experiences or personal perspective. To that which is going on in the space with others throughout contributing to their class experience, self-acknowledgment and personal growth. While at the same time doing this will also greatly rein-force and sharpen your collective live – listening, interacting, communicating and social skills instantly.

Thus leaving you with the ability to walk away from the class experience more matured, clear spoken, and fully capable of being listened to with ease. Having a new found understanding of self knowing with recognizable and utilizable capabilities, strong bonds and relationships. Plus an array of new daily practices, and techniques that are now beneficial to you in achieving your career, life, relationships, and business objectives that you now see are meant to be.



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Think . Converse . Relate