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This where the process begins


Be the talk of the town by hosting your own Introclass!

As Host, you will earn a pre-paid block of “Four (4) 60-Minute Strategy Sessions.” 

Use them to create/reinvent/innovate your lifestyle, love-life or worklife affairs. 

Introclass; Is something to celebrate with friends and family members who you Imagine are truly seeking to make lifestyle & relationship changes in a specific area of their life.

Whether they are seeking to,

  • Build life skills, self-esteem and confidence while over coming fears and self doubt
  • Tap into their higher power and break physical, emotional & verbal abuse cycles
  • Initiate that new career, career change, transition or advancement desired
  • Identify their life’s purpose or goals and or their contribution back to the world
  • Spark the fire to bring love into their life or find the strength needed to let love go
  • Implement healthy eating habits, maintain consistent exercise, weight gain or loss
  • Establish, repair or rebuild credit, define budgets, savings, & debt management
  • Set boundaries or disciplinary limits for theirself, mate, family and or children.
  • Outline designated times for lifestyle activity, mate, family or circle of friends
  • Leap fully into taking that step of starting or growing a their career or business

This is a 90-Minute Introduction Party..

To introduce M.A.R.C Strategy Sessions, Instructional Services to interested friends and family members. So that they too can become aware of the benefits that can received through developing critical thinking, clarifying communications, and unifying relationship skill-sets, and techniques. Those skills and more that you will quickly identify, strengthen, and grow through one-on-one or group sessions; of inspirational thought-provoking, life changing strategy sessions, and classes.

Hosted by you at your home! Having a minimum of 6 attending guest facilitated; by Marc Todd Harris.

Starting off with a brief introduction of Marc Todd Harris’s history in developing people, relationships & lifeskill. Highlighted with the benefits of how Marc’s signature series of management, advisory, relation, and coaching strategies can initiate change in their own personal and professional affairs. 

Having a live M.A.R.C Strategy Session, segment demonstration by; Marc Todd Harris working and a Volunteering Guest.

Quickly identifying with them one of their own “dis-serving pattern and behaviors”. Then clarifying how this is self defeating them in achieving their goal. Moving on to detail and suggest a new transformational “serving practice and discipline” to implement. One that is now “aligned and congruent” to them forming the particular consistency and congruency” required to achieve that now obtainable desired objective successfully.

Then closing with a Q&A Segment; to be sure that each guest is fully aware of the process while understanding the benefits that can be achieved through this type of personal mastery-developmental work.



Party Host; Your 1-hour complimentary exploratory session and (3) strategy sessions must be used over a 30 day period of time over the next 90-days from the date of your Introclass party.

To Schedule; You’re Introclass party today simple click the “Get Started” button below, and be the talk of the town tomorrow!




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