Where it all begins.

Trust at its highest return.


This where the process begins

Lifeclass is for YOU!

The one who knows that it takes you fully utilizing your natural born abilities and skills learned from your personal life experiences. While optimizing on your higher conscious practices and staying in service to others while honoring your life’s efforts to achieve your ultimate personal best CAREER growths, LIFE balances and your overall RELATIONSHIPS happiness.

Through Lifeclass you will begin to change your mindset & daily practices.

Line Yourself Up

  • (to be) FEARLESS
  • (staying) HUMBLE
  • (showing) COMPASSION
  • (while being) CONSISTENT
  • (speaking your) TRUTH
  • (building continued) GROWTH
  • (maintaining) BALANCE
  • and (achieving or sustaining over-all) HAPPINESS.


Having these applied disciplines and varied techniques like;

Learning to identify the LIE in others, obtained from the Lifeclass and mastered through your personal practices, and on going weekly life enrollments. These focuses will directly affect the positive up swing in the areas needed to start or boost your Professional Career, up-lift and inspire your Personal Lifestyle, and Well-Being, as well as support you in balancing your Family, Friends, and Relationships.

While still allowing you room to focus on your personal contribution back to the world for the life you were gifted and live. Lifeclass Is set by the facilitator and or a standing participant in an open space circle seating forum. 

Then initiated from either a live scheduled…

  • Empower Talk
  • Derived Word or Thought
  • Open Topic Discussion
  • Processed Broken Agreement
  • Offered Feed Back
  • Shared Experience
  • or Participatory and Co-Creative Dialogue

While at times pairing off into smaller break out groups too.


Marc Todd Harris ~ Photo at Pathways Institute Shadow & Heart Retreat in Oracle, AZ

Lifeclass is facilitated live by Marc Todd Harris while being set in part from the inspiration of his own life, professional work experience, self desired learning, and teaching theories. He utilizes skill-sets from the learned concepts, and techniques he received through Pathways Institute and other Educational Organizations while on his life quest of learning, and applying himself to bring out his optimum best.

These areas joined with the added 4 Principles of “Open Space Technology” created by Owen Harrison which is…

  1. Who ever comes is the right people
  2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could happen
  3. Whenever it starts is the right time
  4. When its over its over

Enroll now! Since seating is limited to 18 participants per Lifeclass.

Anyone wanting to truly bring out their maximum potential and very best on a daily basis do know Lifeclass was designed for YOU and it is your Personal, Relationship, Professional, and Business Building Program. 

Lifeclass enrollment participation fee is $599.00 and can be reduced by $99.00 if you sign up with a referred partner or friend. Lifeclass happens with (1) Lifeclass a week for (6) consecutive weeks with each Lifeclass running for a minimum of (4+) or (6+) hours at a time.




60Minute | 90Minute | 2+Hour | 4+Hour | 6+Hour

Think . Converse . Relate