Entrepreneurs 33 Day Express Edition


Writersclass, Entrepreneurs 33 Day Express Edition

Heed you call to action: “We all have at least one book in us or maybe even a series!”

How would you like to turn the “Solopreneur” in you into a thriving branded “One Person Corp” a real live business!

My Writersclass is a dreamers place for the unfound writer in you to now have your own established core area of focus, and expertise.

Crossing into a strong-built network of other professionals within hands reach each gaining a multitude of resources, and leads newly aware to use to create multiple lines of residual income. Having all this with-in your current capabilities, limited time, and budget – with out even leaving your day job – well at least not yet!

Does this appeal to you? If so make the call today 1-844-345-1333!

To learn more about the benefits of my Writersclass seeing your independence, dreams, financial stability and legacy may just depend on it!

In the Writersclass; you will learn, write, contribute, create, produce and promote your self, idea, concept, product, service or passion into a newly obtainable-profitable business!

If you are a person of action who knows that there is a “Solopreneur” in you thriving to be a mighty “One Person Corp”, read no more and call today seeing the rest of this message is not for you.

Call 1-844-345-1333 Today! To learn specific workshop details. dates, times, fee’s, requirements etc.

Still reading? Still unsure if “Empower Entrepreneurs Writersclass” is right for you?

Well, then ask your self how often have you invested your time, skills and efforts in another persons dreams by working for them 30, 40 even 60 hours a week? To only see them prosper in their dream career and business? While you continue to get by week to week paycheck-to-paycheck.

Think of the many jobs you may have had and the instability or pressure you may have worked under.
Recall those too many great jobs that were just out of your reach for one reason or another.
So you did like most of us have done! Just did what you thought you could from what you thought you knew.
Sure maybe over the years you managed to save some money. Remembering a few great trips or paying down some of those credit cards.
Maybe started to chip away at that never ending student loan debt or even bought that dream car & home.

Starting to sound familiar? It should seeing I am speaking to you, but don’t feel bad I did it too!

Now don’t get me wrong, this can be rewarding in its own to be able to support ones self, and family while being of service to others. I know it because it was what I based my life on. However, it is bittersweet when you have to look back at your own lives circumstances and realize that what you earned and managed to save at those jobs will not be enough alone for you to do what you want, need, desire and we’re destined to do.

Remind your self, it is just not enough alone to work for someone else and think you can support your dreams and your own personal contributions back to this world. How could it be enough? Remember, it was someone else’s dream you were working on anyways!

Call 1-844-345-1333 Today! To learn specific workshop details. dates, times, fee’s, requirements etc.

And for those of you who say you are not a writer, I am sure you can tell from my writings and postings that I am not one either in a perfect world! Luckily for me, I am aware this is not a perfect world so do as I do and not allow a few grammatical errors to stop you from giving the world what is fighting to come out of you.

There is at least one book or maybe even a series in all of us just waiting to be written… Let’s write it together!

Regardless of your age, background, education, skill level or area of focus. My Writersclass will supply the foundation, and support needed to achieve your goal. That of being your own boss running your own business sustaining your own destiny!

Whether you are…

Someone just starting off finding your self in the early years of an education or career path. Figuring it out or just becoming clear on what you want to do or be, just not quite financially able or connected to open those doors needed to do and be that!
Someone who has been at a career now for a number of years, achieved some success, obtained many goals, but you seemed to have forgotten what you were working for. You have more that you want to give, you just need that platform, boost or point in the right direction.
Someone who has now worked past the years of building that secure career, home, family and financial structure and should feel complete but find your self an empty nester knowing that with-in you, there is more that you need to connect to, complete and contribute to the world!

In addition, to those of you “Entrepreneurial Business Owners.”

My Writersclass is for you too! Come and learn how you can grow your customer base, field of expertise, expand your promotional brand and even franchise out your current company into new markets throughout America and countries abroad that have been to date out of your companies current reach.

This is your calling; Pick-It-Up, Call 1-844-345-1333 Today! To learn specific workshop details. dates, times, fees, requirements etc.

Hurry, seating is limited to only 18 participants per class and there are no late entries seeing the group works on a continued scheduled progressive stage, and pace!

Please Note: The wording “One Person Corp” is not affiliated with a One Person Corporation (OPC) of India.




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